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Situated in the northeast of the Qinghai-Tibet plateau covers an area of 720,000 sq. km, Flanked by two big mountain ranges—Qilian in the north, Tanggula in the south, 4/5 of this highland averages 3,000 meters above sea level. In its middle, stands another big mountain spur----the Kunlun. 95% of province is pastureland. What makes the physical feature of the region unique is that two major Chinese waters, the Yangtze and the Yellow Rivers all originate here: one from the southwest slop of main peak of Tanggula; one from northern slope of Bayanhar. This feature has earned the province a name as the source of the rivers. Clad in snow in winter and cool in summer and with 17.2 ºC (62.96 ºF) as its average monthly temperature in July, the area is an ideal summer resort. The province has a sparse population, 5.62 million in total. The inhabitants are made up of different ethnic group: the Han, the Tibetan, The Hui, The Monoglian, the Tu and the Salar.


As one might guess from its poor economic standing, Qinghai's education system is fairly underdeveloped. According to statistics taken in 2000, there were only 8 institutions of higher education in the entire province, with 13,307 students enrolled and 2,107 teachers. The province also had 15 specialized secondary schools with 13,406 students and 1,363 teachers, 448 secondary schools with 224,660 students and 16,645 teachers, and 3,429 primary schools with 504,800 students and 27,706 teachers. The school-age child enrollment rate was 94.20 percent, and the number of college students per 10,000 persons was 25.69.

Qinghai University

Qinghai University, established in 1958, is a local comprehensive university with Engineering, Agriculture, Medical and Management four major subjects. It is constructed jointly by the Qinghai Province Government and the Ministry of Education of China, supported by Tsinghua University and the only university in the province to be a member of the National"211 project" Universities.

The University covers an area of 2,883 acres, and the total construction area is 436,500 mm2. Fixed assets are 649.6792 million Yuan ,including teaching and research equipment 231.8728 million Yuan. The library collects books of 1.33 million volumes.

The University has Medical College、Affiliated Hospital 、Agriculture and Animal Husbandry College、Mechanical Engineering College、Financial and Economics College、Agriculture and Forestry Science Academy、Livestock Veterinarian Science Academy、Adult Education College etc. In all, there are 14 colleges, 27departments, and 11 institutes.


Qinghai Nationalities University establishes “School-level scholarship for foreign degree students of Qinghai Nationalities University” to enhance the internationalization of education level and attract excellent students worldwide to study in our university.

Grant Object

This school-level scholarship is for excellent foreign students who are going to study in Qinghai Nationalities University and pursuing a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree

Applicant’s qualifications

1. Applicant must abide by laws of People’s Republic of China and regulations and rules of Qinghai Nationalities University;
2. Applicant ardently loves Chinese culture, respects the social morality and customs of our country;
3. Applicant must study hard and has outstanding achievements ;( school students)
4. Applicant takes an active part in various activities organized by the International Education Exchange Center ;( school students)
5. Postgraduate applicant who has the certificate of HSK 6 and undergraduate applicant who has the certificate of HSK 4 have priority. If applicant applies for admission without HSK scores, he/she must attend and pass the degree student’s entrance examination of Qinghai Nationalities University.
6. If the language visiting scholar who is studying in Qinghai Nationalities University continues to study in our university as degree student, he/she has the priority of applying school-level scholarship.
7. The applicant's qualifications and age requirements:
Applicant who is pursuing a bachelor's degree must issue a high school diploma, and he/she is less than 50 years old;
Applicant who is pursuing a master's degree must issue the undergraduate diploma, and he/she is less than 60 years old.


Anybody suggest how shall I travel to Xining fm Hong Kong? Any local guide available? N Thx!

You can fly to Xian and then change a train to Xining.

I am planning to arrive at Qinghai in August. What is the average temperature? Warm clothing required?

Qinghai covers a large area and the temperature is different for different places. Generally speaking, for Qinghai, the average temperature during that time is around 10 to 25C. It is suggested to take a thin sweater and a thick coat as well as some T-shirts. The T-shirts can be worn during the day time and the coat and thin sweaters are needed at night.

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